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The Women with Red Umbrellas

Welcome! This Home Page is being revised to offer better information with links to Health Canada, Bipolar Support and a new FAQ page. Please watch for additions to our site over the next few days.

The Red Umbrellas is a group of nine women who have come together from across Canada to defend the right to access to Empowerplus and to demand that medical research on Empowerplus be allowed to continue.

Empowerplus is a safe, cost-effective vitamin and mineral supplement that over 3,000 Canadians with bipolar affective disorder (manic depression) use to successfully control their symptoms and lead normal lives. Many take the supplement with the approval of their doctors and/or psychiatrists.

Health Canada desperately wants these 3,000 Canadians to stop taking the vitamin and mineral supplement that they say has changed their lives, and go back to psychotropic drugs. Health Canada is also desperate to stop medical research into why Empowerplus works so well for bipolar ­ research that could help to solve the mystery of what causes this devastating mental illness.

Why Health Canada would so vigorously attack a supplement and research, and give reasons that are so easily refuted by Health Canada's own research and previous actions is incomprehensible to us.
Bipolar is a costly illness for our society. Costly in terms of precious health care dollars, in terms of social services and in terms of human suffering.

Empowerplus has changed our own lives. We are dedicated to defending access to it and defending the progress of important medical research.
Please show your support by wearing a Red Umbrella pin.