Here is a sampling of what has been written about the Red Umbrellas by responsible journalists in the mainstream press.

Lethbridge Herald June 11 Edmonton Journal June 13 Medicine Hat News June 14 New! Edmonton Journal July 19
Ottawa Citizen June 19 SEE Magazine June 19 Lethbridge Herald June 19

Press Release dated June 12,2003. Lunney Joins Women with the Red Umbrellas to Protest Obstruction of Natural Health Product

Press Release dated June12,2003. Elley Supports Need for Natural Health Product ­ Empowerplus

Press Conference Our press conference from the Charles Lynch Room in the  heart of the Parliament Building is now available for viewing

Seven of us were allowed to stand with MPs Dr. Lunney and Mr. Elley to state our reasons for coming to Ottawa and to plead our case before the Canadian people. The intranet feed from the press conference was received in all offices. After the conference, many MPs joined us outside to show their support. Although Mr. Chretien refused to see us and Anne McLellan continued name calling and stonewalling our calls to request her audience, we felt confident that there were many in government who were interested in the plight of the average Canadian person. Thanks again Dr. Lunney and Mr. Elley, and all of the others who stood with us.