My name is Debra. I have had the diagnoses of clinical depression, anxiety and cyclical mood swings for more than half of my 50 years. Yet, I am fortunate in that in spite of the prevalence of mental illness in my family, I have managed to continue to work and avoid hospitalization. I was first prescribed psychotropics in my early 20's as I struggled with low energy and depressions that painted my world black and bleak. At one point I even heard voices but I hid that fact from everyone. I was like many of the walking wounded living with mental illness, blaming myself for being inadequate. I was raised in an environment and society that saw these symptoms as character weaknesses to be overcome by hard work. I became a workaholic and eventually developed fibromyalgia as I buried the emotional pain in my body. In May of 2001, I chose to begin EMPowerplus instead of anti\depressants that gave me unpleasant side effects. I tested it on myself to ensure I could safely maintain my own mental health with EMPowerplus before recommending it to my daughter, Kristy Reesor.

As her mother, I spent many years searching for answers, feeling tremendous guilt, helplessness and fear.

I cannot return to the horror of witnessing 10 years of Kristy's suicidal despair. EMPowerplus has supported my daughter's health and given her the chance to live a normal life. Health Canada's current short sighted and unjustifiable ruling on EMPowerplus is endangering her life as well as others, who have finally experienced an improved level of mental health. I have personally felt and seen the results EMPowerplus can deliver. I want my freedom of choice upheld by Health Canada so we may continue to maintain our health by accessing EMPowerplus.

Red Deer, Alberta