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On Wednesday, October 22 2003 , Dr. James Lunney┬╣s Bill C420 was passed by the House of Commons by a vote of 124 to 85 and will now be refferred to committe for further review. Acceptance of the recommendations of the committe would mean that Health Canada can no longer claim that Natural Health Products (NHPs) such as Empowerplus are drugs. NHPs will still be regulated so that, as with foods, harmful or contaminated substances are kept off the shelves. However, Health Canada will no longer be able to arbitrarily block and delay access to NHPs simply because they work. More than four years ago, Canadians were promised improved access to NHPs by the then-Health Minister Alan Rock and the Standing Committee on Health. Instead, we have since been denied access to an ever-increasing list of products for no good reason. By passing Bill C420, our elected representatives have told Health Canada that it must deliver what was promised. Health Canada will not be able to ignore or hide from the passage of this bill.

The Red Umbrellas are proud to have supported Bill C420 and the tireless efforts of Dr. James Lunney and his staff. Congratulations to our supporters, to the Friends of Freedom who also strongly supported Bill C420 and to all who worked so hard to help the passage of this important bill. We must now ensure that the committee does its job in implementing the recommendations brought forth by the original Standing Committee on Health.

We would also like to thank all the Members of Parliament who put aside their party differences and had the courage to stand together for the health of Canadians. And a special thanks to the many MPs who were seen wearing our Red Umbrella pins in the House of Commons during the vote.

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